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  PowerPUC Wheel Light Kits for Yamaha

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Pre-packaged Wheel LEDs:

Pick your LED colors:

Choose Color Changing (RGB) LEDs:

Remote Controllers:

Our wildly popular POWER-PUC™Wheel Lighting Kits have made a quantum leap forward. You wanted color changing - DONE! You wanted easier installation - DONE! Download "Quick start" instructions. Download Full instructions or Short Video Highlights
No Wheel removal is necessary.

Don't buy this kit unless you want to be the center of attention wherever you go. Fit to your stock wheels for a fraction of the cost of aftermarket wheels and guaranteed to get more attention.

These Wheel Light Kits have to be seen to be believed. LED lights ON your wheels.You pick colors, sizes and options, so you can never see another bike just like yours. The possible designs are endless and limited only to your imagination. No modifications necessary to your bike! FAQ's

Order in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Get PUC'ed: Choose the manufacturer of your bike and pick the right POWER-PUC for your bike.

Step 2: Get Lit: Pick the color, length, and quantity of pre-made, Wheel LED packages and receive an automatic 10% discount only when ordered with your Kit.

Step 3: Optional Remote Controllers: BASIC ON/OFF REMOTE, MULTI-FUNCTION REMOTE, or COLOR CHANGING Remote (Color changing requires RGB LEDs)

Our wildly popular POWER-PUC™ Wheel Lighting Kits have made a quantum leap forward with the introduction of the G4. The all new G4 POWER-PUC™ now has built in capability for color changing (RGB) LEDs, requires no wheel removal for installation The G4 PUC is how 12 volts gets to your wheels and is the heart of your Wheel Light Kit. It includes a basic installation kit and on/off push-button. Just follow this easy, 3-step process for ordering.

STEP 1: Pick the right PUC for your bike from the pull-down menus on the top-right of the page
Above: The new, (Patent Pending) G4 POWER-PUC with Color Changing LED capabilities and Basic Installation kit. Just pick your choice of LEDs from our Wheel Kit LEDs, and you have a complete kit ready to install. (You need a Color Changing Remote for RGB's) It is also no longer necessary to remove your wheel to install, although you might find it easier to place and wire the LEDs with the wheel off the bike. Conductive tracks coupled with composite brushes guarantee over 100,000 miles of trouble-free service. We use Stainless Steel for the brush housing mounting bracket and our own custom made wires. The PUCs are backed by an insulated PCB material that will mount to your bike with an industrial grade velcro. This is not the velcro used on clothing. It's a smaller version of what you see on EZ-Passes - Very strong, but will allow adjustment at installation and removal for bike maintenance. Installation instruction are very detailed and mostly pictures., so don't be intimidated by the number of pages. Click here to download the instructions.

STEP 2: Pick the Length, color and quantity of LEDs
We've been installing LED kits for many years. Through our own experience we've learned what makes a quality product, how easy or difficult they are to install and their long-term reliability.

Most LEDs are made by "Mass-market" producers for general applications. They come in many shapes, sizes, styles and are usually of reasonable quality. These are the LEDs that you find at chain stores and 98% of on-line stores. But just like any product that has to be capable of many applications, compromises must be made and not tailored for any specific use.

The volume of LEDs and wire we use allowed us to go to suppliers and have products made particular to us.
Our LEDs are made specifically for RAW Design, to our specifications. They are encased in clear neoprene, completely waterproof, Super Flexible and the best value for a quality LED. We use the same 3M™tape that holds body-side moldings to cars, so you know your LEDs will stay put. (Apply to clean surface.) Lastly, Every LED is guaranteed for life!
Even the wires are manufactured specifically for RAW Design and to our specification. Did you know that a specific number of wire strands are critical for high vibration applications to prevent breakage? Or that particular jacketing compounds are better for heat protection and flexibility? You may find other LEDs that are slightly less expensive, but is it really worth saving a few pennies when you are making this kind of investment in time and money on your bike?

STEP 3: Add an optional remote control, Basic On/Off, Multi-Function or RGB (Color changing) Multi-Function.
The basic kit comes with an on/off push button. Remote controls are optional, but are very convenient and can add multiple effects and features depending on the model.

Basic Remote: Turns your LEDs on or off from up to 150' feet away.

Multi Function, Single Color, "Magnum" Remote: With literally dozens of control functions, the MAGNUM is one of the most powerful remote controllers available. Multiple strobe, flash, fade, breathe and an On/Off function can be controlled up to 150 feet away. Comes with 2 key fobs. POWER-PUC Wheel Lights are a major attention getter by themselves. Imagine what happens when you can create effects while sitting unseen in your favorite bar, walking down the street or riding. Just be careful with flashing blue or red while traveling. Most law enforcement will frown on that.

Multi Function, Color Changing, RGB "Magnum" Remote: Of course, you must have RGB LEDs to use for this remote to control color changing. It has all the functions of the "Magnum" plus throws in a few other tricks:

- Mode 1: solid color – Change colors (7colors). Adjust the intensity (5 intensities).

- Mode 2: Flashing color - change the color(7 colors). Adjust the flash speed (5 speeds).

- Mode 3: Color cycle - (will cycle through all 7 colors and repeat). Adjust the speed at which it cycles through the colors (5 speeds).

- Mode 4: Color fade and cycle - (will fade though all 7 colors). Adjust the speed at which it cycles through the colors (5 speeds).

- Mode 5: Solid Color Strobe - change the color (7 colors). Adjust the number of strobes (2 to 6 strobes and repeat – 5 patterns).

- Mode 6: Multi-color Strobe – (will strobe and cycle through all 7 colors). adjust the number of strobes (2 to 6 strobes and repeat – 5 patterns).

RAW Design, Power-Puc wheel light kits
RAW Design, Power-Puc wheel light kits
RAW Design, Power-Puc wheel light kits

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