RAW Design

RAW Design is the brainchild of a large engineering and manufacturing firm with a 70 year history. As is true in many companies, RAW was born quite by accident when riders began asking for products we had made for our own bikes. Some of the most innovative products to ever hit the industry have resulted from this happy "accident". Some examples: 


 1) The RAW Design Power-Puc™ wheel lighting systems are adding an entirely new dimension and revolutionizing bike customizing.The Power-Puc is a single, compact and very robust unit that transfers power from the bikes 12 volt electrical system to the wheels. It is essentially a rotary connector and requires no modification to the bike. Add LEDs to your wheels and the possibilities are endless and limited only to your imagination.

2) Edge-GlowTM LED lighting for directional and brake signals as well as accent lighting. Edge-Glow creates an intensity of light appropriate for it's function with or without "hot spots" to give the appearance of a continuous neon tube. Edge-Glow also allows "camouflaging" of signal / brake units to make then less visible when unlit and give you bike a much cleaner look.

In addition to these technological marvels, RAW Design manufactures many other unique parts for customizing your bike that you won't find anywhere else. So check us out and come back often as we are always innovating and introducing new products.

RAW Design

184 Jonathan Drive

Stamford, Ct. 06903

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