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PowerPUC-G5, Hub Wrap - Color Switching. Two (2) Colors PowerPUC-G5, Hub Wrap - Dynamic Color Changing
G5-HUB-Wrap Kits G5

Note: Check your hubs for available space before ordering this kit. Single color or color changing (RGB) kits require a minimum of ¾” flat area on each side of hub. Color Switching (Two (2)color) need a minimum of 1" flat area on each side of hub.

If you don’t want LEDs on your spokes, but want the effect only dynamic, rotating lighting can provide and easy installation, then Hub Wraps are right for you. Hub-Wraps are very effective on polished, chromed or brightly colored rims where light can “bounce around” and reflect off various features of your wheel. Hub Wraps use LEDs on each side of your wheel hub that project extremely bright light outward onto your wheels. (See Video)

RAW Design’s wildly popular Wheel Lighting Kits just got a whole-lot better with the 2015 introduction of the all-new, 5th generation “G5” Our complete two (2) wheel HUB-wrap Kit lights your wheels like never before. G5 kits include substantial improvements in ease of installation and durability. (Read More about the New G5)

Kit includes everything you need to create outrageous designs directly on your wheels! Bring light to your wheels and be the center of attention wherever you go.
• Install LEDs directly ON your wheels!
• Fits almost every motorcycle!
• Choice of 7 different colors!
• No wheel removal necessary!
• Low profile, flexible and waterproof LEDs!
• Create wild effects with included Multi-Function Remote.
• Fraction of the cost of aftermarket wheels…and GUARANTEED more attention.
• New EZ-Wiring Backbone and EZ-PUC Mount** make installation virtually plug-and-play!

Includes G4 PowerPuc Basic Kit, LED strips for both sides of hub. Each strip contains 36 LEDs and is 19-1/2" long. A powerful Multi-Function Remote with literally dozens of control functions, is one of the most powerful remote controllers available. Multiple strobe, flash, fade, breathe and an On/Off. Functions can be controlled up to 150 feet away. Comes with 2 key fobs.

**EZ-Mount is available for most bikes. To determine if available for your bike, enter the Make, Model, Year and options into the "Kit Finder". If the resulting Kit Code begins with a letter it will include the adapter. If it begins with a number, no adapter is included and PUC Ring will need to be installed "Old School". See Instructions.

Single Color

2 Color Switching

Dynamic Color Changing