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PowerPUC-G5, Starter Kit (Use your own LEDS & Remote. EZ-Wiring Backbone not included)
In 2008, the first PowerPUC Wheel Lighting System revolutionized an industry by creating a completely new dimension in motorcycle customization. Several product generations later we are proud to introduce t he ALL-NEW for 2015 PowerPUC-G5.


  • G5 EZ-Backbone Wiring System eliminates all the wiring looms, splicing and soldering of the past. (Read More)
  • G5 EZ-PUC Mount makes installation of the PUC Ring simple, quick and accurate. ** (Read More)
  • G5 Power Block is 3X more durable than earlier units and is now completely re-buildable with an $8.00 kit. (Read More)
  • G5 Power Block Mount is pre-formed for perfect alignment with multiple installation options. (Read More)

** G5 EZ-PUC Mount not yet available for all bikes. Enter your bikes information for the kit you would like. If the resulting “Kit Code” has a letter followed by a number, your kit will include the mount. If not, “Old School” mounting is required. See Instructions for Old School installation

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