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Custom Bagger Parts and Accessories

If you’re looking to add an extra something to your motorcycle, you’ve come to the right place! Our G5 bagger LED lights allow you to light up your front wheel while also illuminating the back with under-bag LEDs for a lighting and color balance. You won’t find a better design or a more attention-grabbing way of flashing down the highway – there’s no effect quite like it.

With our custom bagger parts, you’ll have a choice of multiple colors with these low-profile, flexible, waterproof LEDs – and you’ll get a total of 126 LEDs with each kit! You’ll be able to create wild effects with the included multifunction remote. Installing the lights is simple with our installation instructions – you won’t even have to remove the wheels. And these bagger motorcycle kits will fit on almost any bike out there.

Your new bagger kit will include the following:

  • G5 PowerPUC Basic Kit
  • Six strips of LEDs for the front wheel (each strip contains nine LEDs and is 5” long)
  • Four more LED strips for under your bags (each strip contains 18 LEDs and is 10” long)
  • A powerful multifunction remote with dozens of control functions such as strobe, flash, fade and breathe (remote works up to 150 feet away)
  • Two key fobs
  • EZ-Wiring Backbone System makes wiring plug-and-play.

Don’t wait another day – order your new bagger kit now and you’ll be flying by your friends in ultimate style in no time!